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        Congratulations on the 123th China Import and Export Fair

        Please kindly be advised our company will be attending the 123th China Import and Export Fair during Apr.15-19;Apr.23-27 and May.1-5,2018,We will be scattered among the following exhibition sections: Tools; Bicycles; Bathroom Equipment; Household Items;Gifts&Premiums;Men&Women`s Clothing;Underwear;Children's clothing; Fashion Accessories and Fittings; Home Textiles; and Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics. We welcome all of our new and old customers to visit our booths.


        The booth numbers are as follows:

        Phase 1 (Apr.15-19,2018):
        Tools: 14.1I43
        Bicycles: 16.2H18
        Bathroom Equipment: 11.1J43-44

        Phase 2 (Apr.23-27, 2018):
        Household Items: 15.4H01-02

        Gifts & Premiums: 11.1E06

        Phase 3 (May.1-5, 2018) :
        Men & Women`s Clothing: 4.1E35-36,F11-12;4.1J35-36,K13-14
        Underwear: 6.1J48

        Children's clothing: 8.1K36-37,L10-11

        Fashion Accessories and Fittings: 4.0E14-15
        Home Textiles: 15.2B32-33,C11-12;14.3G34-35
        Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics: 15.4A10-11,B12-13

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